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Szczech Cousins Reunion

All you need to know about the family reunion, June 20, 2009

Memory Lane

Family Pictures, pure and simple. So far, two albums, but more to come. Click HERE to go to the photo album:

  1. Granma's "Brag Book." These are scans of Granma Szczech's Brag book, including the notes that are on the backs of some of the photos.
  2. Old Photos from Jean Konieczny Heideman. More scans of old photos.
  3. Szczech Family Photos--Photos of the Joe and Bernice Szczech family
  4. Szczech and Symbal Ancestors--Look carefully, some of you are in here--photos from many years ago!
  5. The Don Kotecki Family.

50th Anniversary - Do you remember the 50th Anniversary, where all the Szczech Cousins sang for the mass at St. Mary Częctochowa? Among the songs we sang were: